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Bone Research and Education Centre (BREC)


The BREC is a Centre of Excellence in the Diagnosis and Management of Metabolic Bone Disease, Calcium and Parathyroid Disorders.


The goals and objectives of the BREC are:

1. To deliver state of the art clinical  care to people with metabolic bone disease or calcium and parathyroid disorders.
2. Advance clinical research in understanding the mechanisms for disease development and  development of new drug therapy
3. Disseminate knowledge providing physicians both generalists and specialists with the tools to diagnose and treat bone diseases and calcium disorders.
4. Provide an onsite multi-media learning centre for patients and physicians


The Center will provide clinical care with on site diagnosis and management of complex metabolic bone diseases, calcium and parathyroid diseases. Clinical research will focus on developing new therapies for osteoporosis, renal osteodystrophy and parathyroid diseases. Bone biopsies will continue to be completed at Halton Healthcare Services. Bone Density studies will be completed on site.


Knowledge dissemination is a key role of the BREC Learning Center.


This centre will provide on site teaching sessions for patients, pharmacists and  physicians.


Physicians are able to participate in  preceptorships gaining an in-depth understanding of patient evaluation and treatment. Small and large group teaching sessions will be offered as well as learning modules for onsite and distance learning.


Satellite programs to under serviced communities with identification of lead physicians willing to serve as local experts will be offered. These local physicians will be offered hands on training program and ongoing support in the management of metabolic bone disease.


Public education is offered through the Learning Center with small and large group sessions.


Patient to Patient round table discussions are scheduled and offered weekly. These sessions will provide an opportunity for patients to share experiences and benefit from each others knowledge in the management of their medical condition.


Multidisciplinary small and large group teaching sessions offered by Nurse specialists, Pharmacists, Dietitians and Physiotherapists will also be available providing nutrition and exercise counselling.  Ask the Doc Q&A sessions will also be regularly scheduled.


On site patient care will include parenteral drug administration both subcutaneous and intravenous drug administration. Patient training and support by nurses with hands on training models will be available.

Individuals having concerns or difficulties with drug administration may be referred to the Learning centre for this service.