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Dr. Khan has been internationally recognized as a World Expert in Hyperparathyroidism

Aliya Khan is a Clinical Professor of Medicine, Divisions of Endocrinology and Metabolism and Geriatrics at McMaster University and Director of the CalciumDisorders Clinic at McMaster University Medical Centre. She is also the Director of the Fellowship program in Metabolic Bone Disease at McMaster University.

Dr. Khan has received numerous awards including the International Clinician Instructor of the Year 2011 award by the International Society of Clinical Densitometry. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for 2012 for excellence in clinical care, research, and teaching as well as the International Hypoparathyroidism Award for 2014 and the International Osteoporosis Foundation award for publishing excellence in 2017. In 2019 she was recognized by Expertscape as being in the top 0.1% of Experts in Hyperparathyroidism in the World.


Dr. Aliya Khan, clinical professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism and Division of Geriatric Medicine, received the International Hypoparathyroidism Award from the Hypoparathyroidism Association. The award recognizes Dr. Khan’s significant contributions to advancing excellence in research, education, and patient care. She was presented with the award at the 8th International Conference on Hypoparathyroidism in Sacramento, California on June 6, 2014, where she spoke on the latest research developments in the management of hypoparathyroidism, and how it can be applied to maximize medical care and quality of life. Dr. Khan has spoken nationally and internationally on the diagnosis and treatment of hypoparathyroidism, has been involved in research into the use of parathyroid hormone for people with hypoparathyroidism, and has published extensively on the condition. She co-chaired the International Conference on Hypoparathyroidism, developed recommendations for practice for physicians globally, and served as the editor for the Handbook of Parathyroid Diseases, one of the most popular textbooks for this condition.

International Osteoporosis Foundation Award for Canadian and International guidelines on primary hyperparathyroidism which was one of the top 5 papers in 2016

Dr. Aliya Khan received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for her contributions as a leader in the areas of endocrinology, calcium disorders, and metabolic bone disease. Oakville MP Terence Young, who presented the award, observed that it “serves to honour significant contributions in the community by individuals who have dedicated themselves to service for their fellow citizens, their community, and their country.” Dr. Khan is the founding chair of the Canadian Board of the International Society of Clinical Densitometry, and chair of the ISCD Certification Council. Dr. Khan led the development of the first national and international standards and guidelines paper on bone densitometry, and has published more than 80 papers on osteoporosis/parathyroid (calcium regulating hormone) disease.

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